Interior & Exterior Painting

High quality interior & exterior painting solutions make your home or office visually captivating while maintaining the look and mood just perfect for you.

It starts with our personal touch; we can help you during the color choice process.


We take extra precaution in protecting your belongings, using drop cloths to protect your floors and furniture. We also go through the standard preparation of light sanding, caulking, spackling, dusting and cleaning of the surfaces that will be painted


Having your exterior painted is a big deal – and we treat it as such. We want to make sure your home or office is thoroughly prepped, covering all surrounding areas, including your lawn, shrubbery and light fixtures with drop cloths. A full gas-powered pressure washing follows, removing any dirt, mildew or loose paint chips (which we will clean up). We are sure to remove all shutters and downspouts, and then prepare for paint with sanding, scraping, caulking and priming.  After the primer is dried, we give one more inspection before we begin painting with brush and roller.